Carrying Home On The Shoulders

T├╝rk├že i├žin a┼ča─č─▒ devam ediniz! Ôś║´ŞĆ

This is the worst part. I mean it. While I was preparing my backpack, I said this for thousand times: “Well, shit!” I know it’s my first long term journey. Maybe because of that, I struggled so so much.

First things first! Make a list for yourself. Every travelers’ aim is so different. So you have to investigate very well what you’ll need. You should consider the climate, the culture, even religion (yes, you may wear regarding that). My list is done with a mix of several blog posts. I’ll write what I have in my backpack. But this bag can be perfect for me while it’s horrible for you.

Take your pen and notebook. Here we go.

I seperated my equipment into categories: Camping, Toileters, Cloths&Shoes, Medicines, Art (I’ll explain this later).

On the road I want to do camping on the montains. Also having a tent is always a good solution if you don’t have a place to sleep. As I plan to stay for some days in the nature, I also take camping pots, sleeping bag etc. So here is my camping list:

  1. Ultralight tent
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Camping mat
  4. Aluminium camping cookware (Pot, Pan, Fork, Spoon, Glass)
  5. Compass & Whistle
  6. Flashlight
  7. Swiss army knife
  8. Sewing kit
  9. 2 padlocks (Fine to use them for the lockers of hostel rooms as well)

Then I prepared myself toileters list. As a woman, this list contains special things. Materials can change for men. Here is the toileters list:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Shower gel
  3. Intimate wash
  4. Tampons
  5. Daily pads (Sshh, I won’t tell anybody that sometimes we’re changing pads, not always panties)
  6. Sun protection
  7. Body lotion
  8. Lip balm
  9. Razor blade
  10. Cotton
  11. Band-aid
  12. Ear cotton
  13. Depilatory tool
  14. Tweezers
  15. Earplugs (Cure for noisy roommates)
  16. Sleep mask
  17. Toilet paper (You don’t know what can happen on the road)
  18. Makeup stuff, because I want to be fancy sometimes ­čśü (1 eyeliner, 1 mascara, 1 eye shadow, 3 lipsticks, 1 concealer)

All these materials are travel size. But no matter how much they weigh, they are heavier than everything in my bag. Anyway all of them is essantial. So I will carry them on my shoulders.

I am lucky about clothes. Because I will just travel in summer time. So they are generally light. Here is my clothes and shoes list:

  1. 6 T-Shirts (For sleeping as well)
  2. 1 swimwear
  3. 2 Jean shorts
  4. 1 short for sleeping
  5. 1 thermal running legging (For cold climates and running)
  6. 1 running short (Can use as pyjama also)
  7. 2 sweatshirts
  8. 1 ultralight coat (Mine can be used down to minus 5 degree)
  9. 1 raincoat
  10. 5 pairs of socks (Some of them for running)
  11. 8 panties and 2 bras
  12. 2 sport bras
  13. 1 skirt
  14. 1 dress
  15. 1 sneakers
  16. 1 running shoes
  17. 1 trekking sandals
  18. 1 flip flops
  19. 1 ultralight towel
  20. 1 jean
  21. 1 trekking pant
  22. 1 kimono for using on the beach
  23. 3 bandanas (I have short hair, so I’ll use them for tidying my hair)

I used to be long distance runner. So I already have running equipment. They are all perfect for my journey. Because all of them are easy to wash and dry. The thermal legging is useful if I walk around in cold weather like in the montains of Peru. Also I will keep running whilst traveling. Because without workout, the journey would be painful. I want to be fit. So I can walk for hours if needed or I can carry my backpack easily. If you don’t do any sport, I recommend you to exercise before the trip. Not like a professional one. But basic fitness will keep you in shape as well.

Medicines. I hate taking pills. But in a different country, being sick and trying to explain your complains to a foreign doctor. Ew, I hate this more. So I prepared a medicine kit containing basic and essential ones.

Before writing the medicine list, I want to talk about vaccines. Before hitting the road, you have to investigate the possible diseases of the countries that you’ll visit. Because there are obligatory vaccines for some countries. For South America, you should make yourself vaccine for yellow fever. You’ll have an international vaccination booklet. In some countries, at the airport they ask you for this booklet to give you entry permission. Don’t worry. In your home country, you can do these vaccines for free at the hospitals or in the health centers. Also if you want to be prepared for any occasion, you can do other vaccines.

As I’m planning to do camping and traveling in the villages as well, I made 6 vaccines. Here is my vaccine/medicine list:


  1. Yellow fever
  2. Tetanus and diphtheria
  3. Hepatisis A and B
  4. Typhoid


  1. Pain killer
  2. Flu medicine
  3. Multi vitamins and B12 (I am a vegetarian. So I need them)
  4. Rash cream
  5. Antibiotic cream
  6. Antibiotic pills
  7. Burn cream
  8. Cystitis medicine
  9. Fungicide (Well, I will use public toilets and I can catch an infection easily)
  10. Cream for insect stings
  11. Pastils
  12. Antimalaria drug (I got them when I got vaccine for yellow fever. As there is no vaccine for malaria, the only way to avoid it is to take these drugs when you’re in the area of it. The health department gives them free.)

We are almost done! The art part is a personal thing. I do sketches and oil paintings. Of course, I can’t do oil paintings on the road. But I want to keep drawing as a journal. Because of that, I took my pen/pencils and special notebooks. Maybe I can sell my drawings on the road to keep going.

Also I bought evil eye and macrame ropes to make bracelets and sell them like hippies ­čÖé I am a turkish girl. So I love evil eyes and carry them on me. Because of that, I also took evil eyes for my future hosts and friends to give them as a souvenir from me. I thought it can be a special thing to do for a turkish nomad.

I used zip lock bags to seperate toileters, cosmetics, medicines and little camping things like compass, swiss army knife etc. I rolled all my clothes, not folded. So I gained more space in my bag.

I used a small bag for my underclothes as well and I took a laundry bag (like a net) to seperate my dirty clothes and wash them in the laundry in that bag. I recommend you to have one, too. Because you can easily take your clothes from washing machine with that bag. I am sure you won’t find a laundry basket in a hostel. Also you can wash your clothes with other people’s and you won’t have to wait for laundry.

I won’t take many electronic things on this journey. I’ll just have my little action camera, my powerbank and my mobile phone. So I don’t need to worry about a laptop’s weight Ôś║´ŞĆ

And here is a tip for you. I put my heavy thing on the bottom of my bag. So they’re not dragging me down. This is more comfortable to carry it. Also I put my my tent, mat and sleeping bag on the backpack which already has parts to hang these equipments. My backpack weighes 15 kg.

I know I wrote so much this time. But hey! I am trying to help you here. If you’re considering to be a backpacker, you’ll thank me later. Preparing for the journey is the most important part. So struggle now, enjoy the journey later *wink wink*

Sen de art─▒k karar─▒n─▒ verdin. Yollara d├╝┼čeceksin. Belki biletini bile ald─▒n. O zaman ho┼č geldin en zorlu b├Âl├╝me: ├çanta haz─▒rlama! Daha ├Ânce uzun seyahat tecr├╝ben yoksa sen de benim gibi olduk├ža ac─▒ ├žekebilirsin.

─░lk ├Ânce yapman gereken liste yapmak. Her seyyah─▒n yola ├ž─▒k─▒┼č amac─▒ farkl─▒ olabiliyor. Bu y├╝zden kendi ihtiya├žlar─▒n ├Âzelinde bir liste yapman laz─▒m. Gidece─čin yerlerin ikliminden tut, k├╝lt├╝r├╝ne hatta dinine kadar ara┼čt─▒rman gerekecek. ├ç├╝nk├╝ bunlar─▒n hepsi yapaca─č─▒n ├žantay─▒ etkileyecek. Ben bu yaz─▒da kendi ├žantam─▒ anlataca─č─▒m. Ama unutma ki benim i├žin harika olan bir ├žanta senin seyahatin i├žin berbat olabilir Ôś║´ŞĆ

Kalem ka─č─▒t haz─▒rlans─▒n. Ba┼čl─▒yoruz!

Ben ├Âncelikle ekipmanlar─▒m─▒ kategorilere b├Âld├╝m: Kamp, Banyo&Tuvalet, ─░la├žlar, Sanat (Son kategoriyi daha sonra a├ž─▒klayaca─č─▒m).

Ben seyahatim boyunca da─člarda veya do─čada kamp yapmay─▒ planl─▒yorum. Bu y├╝zden kamp malzemelerimi ayr─▒ca haz─▒rlad─▒m. Di─čer yandan do─čada kalmay─▒ planlamasan─▒z da kendinize kalacak yer bulamad─▒─č─▒n─▒z zaman ├žad─▒r iyi bir ├ž├Âz├╝m olabilir. ─░┼čte kamp listem:

  1. Ultra hafif ├žad─▒r
  2. Uyku tulumu
  3. Mat
  4. Al├╝minyum kamp yemek pi┼čirme seti (Tencere, tava, ├žatal, ka┼č─▒k, kupa, bardak)
  5. Pusula, d├╝d├╝k
  6. El feneri
  7. ─░svi├žre ├žak─▒s─▒
  8. Diki┼č kutusu
  9. 2 asma kilit (Kamp d─▒┼č─▒nda hostel odalar─▒ndaki dolaplarda kullanmak i├žin de ideal)

Daha sonra banyo ve tuvalet malzemeleri i├žin listemi haz─▒rlad─▒m. Asl─▒nda genel olarak kozmetik malzemeleri diyebiliriz. Bu listede kad─▒nsal malzemeler de bulunuyor. Erkekler i├žin daha farkl─▒ malzemeler eklenebilir. Banyo ve tuvalet malzeme listem:

  1. ┼×ampuan
  2. Du┼č jeli
  3. Genital temizlik ┼čampuan─▒ (├ľzellikle kad─▒n gezginler i├žin ├Ânemli buluyorum. Umumi tuvalet kullan─▒m─▒n─▒z artaca─č─▒ i├žin veya art─▒k kendi evinizde olmayaca─č─▒n─▒z i├žin dikkat etmekte fayda var)
  4. Tampon
  5. G├╝nl├╝k ped (Hani yapmazs─▒n─▒z ama i├ž ├žama┼č─▒r─▒ de─či┼čtiremedi─činiz durumda kurtar─▒c─▒ olabilir ­čśü)
  6. G├╝ne┼č kremi
  7. V├╝cut ve el, y├╝z kremi
  8. Dudak kremi
  9. Jilet
  10. Pamuk
  11. Kulak pamu─ču
  12. Yara band─▒
  13. Epilasyon aleti
  14. C─▒mb─▒z
  15. Kulak t─▒kac─▒ (G├╝r├╝lt├╝c├╝ oda arkada┼člar─▒ i├žin)
  16. Uyku band─▒ (Ge├ž kapanan oda lambalar─▒ i├žin)
  17. Tuvalet ka─č─▒d─▒ (Yolda kar┼č─▒n─▒za neler ├ž─▒kacak tahmin edemezsiniz.)
  18. Makyaj malzemeleri. Arada insan i├žine ├ž─▒k─▒p iyi g├Âz├╝kmek isteyebilirsiniz Ôś║´ŞĆ (1 maskara, 1 eyeliner, 1 far paleti, 3 ruj, 1 kapat─▒c─▒)

T├╝m bu malzemelerimi seyahat boy ald─▒m. Ama boyu ne olursa olsun ├žantamda en ├žok a─č─▒rl─▒k yapan malzemeler bunlar. Fakat hepsi gerekli oldu─ču i├žin hi├žbirinden fedakarl─▒k yapam─▒yorum. Hepsini s─▒rt─▒mda ta┼č─▒maya raz─▒y─▒m.

K─▒yafet konusunda ┼čansl─▒y─▒m. ├ç├╝nk├╝ bir sene s─▒cak iklimde olaca─č─▒m. Bu y├╝zden k─▒yafetlerimin ├žo─ču hafif. ─░┼čte k─▒yafet listem:

  1. 6 ti┼č├Ârt (Uyurken kullanacaklar─▒m dahil)
  2. 1 bikini
  3. 2 kot ┼čort
  4. 1 uyurken giymek i├žin ┼čort
  5. 1 termal ko┼ču tayt─▒ (Hem so─čuk havalarda i├žlik olarak kullanmak i├žin hem de ko┼čarken giymek i├žin)
  6. 1 ko┼ču ┼čortu (Pijama olarak da kullan─▒labilir)
  7. 2 sweatshirt
  8. 1 ultra hafif mont (Montum eksi 5 dereceye kadar koruyor)
  9. 1 ya─čmurluk
  10. Be┼č ├žift ├žorap (Baz─▒lar─▒ ko┼ču ├žorab─▒)
  11. 8 k├╝lot, 2 s├╝tyen
  12. 2 spor s├╝tyeni
  13. 1 etek
  14. 1 elbise
  15. 1 spor ayakkab─▒
  16. 1 ko┼ču ayakkab─▒s─▒
  17. 1 y├╝r├╝y├╝┼č sandaleti
  18. 1 parmak aras─▒ terlik
  19. 1 pe┼čtemal (Banyo havlusu olarak kullanaca─č─▒m. Hem ta┼č─▒mas─▒ hem de kurutmas─▒ kolay.)
  20. 1 kot pantolon
  21. 1 y├╝r├╝y├╝┼č pantolonu
  22. Denizde kullanmak i├žin 1 kimono
  23. 3 sa├ž band─▒ (K─▒sa sa├žl─▒ oldu─čum i├žin sa├žlar─▒m─▒ toplamak i├žin kullanaca─č─▒m)

Yakla┼č─▒k iki senedir ko┼čtu─čum i├žin hali haz─▒rda ko┼ču ekipmanlar─▒m vard─▒. Hepsi termal, ter tutmayan ve ├žabuk y─▒kanan ┼čeyler oldu─ču i├žin olduk├ža i┼čime yarayacak malzemeler. Di─čer yandan bir senedir i┼č yo─čunlu─čundan dolay─▒ do─čru d├╝zg├╝n ko┼čamad─▒m. Bu yolculuk boyunca ko┼čuya geri d├Ânece─čim. ├ç├╝nk├╝ yola sa─člam devam etmek i├žin egzersiz yapmam gerekecek. E─čer sen de yola ├ž─▒kmaya niyetlendiysen basit de olsa egzersiz yapman─▒ ├Âneririm. Tek ba┼č─▒na koca bir ├žantay─▒ ta┼č─▒mak i├žin kondisyona ihtiyac─▒n olacak.

─░la├ž kutusu… ─░la├ž kullanmaktan nefret ediyorum. Ama bilmedi─čin bir ├╝lkede hasta halinle yabanc─▒ bir doktora derdini anlatmak daha da zor. Bu y├╝zden acil durumlarda kullanmak i├žin en temel ila├žlar─▒ koydu─čum bir ├žanta haz─▒rlad─▒m.
─░la├ž olarak neler ald─▒─č─▒m─▒ anlatmadan ├Ânce ufak bir konuya de─činmek istiyorum. A┼č─▒lar. Yola ├ž─▒kmadan ├Ânce gidece─činiz ├╝lkelerdeki olas─▒ hastal─▒klara ve yap─▒lmas─▒ gereken a┼č─▒lara bakman─▒z laz─▒m. T├╝rkiye’de Sa─čl─▒k Bakanl─▒─č─▒’na ba─čl─▒ Seyahat Sa─čl─▒k Merkezleri bulunmakta. Telefonla arad─▒─č─▒n─▒zda gidece─činiz ├╝lkeye g├Âre yapman─▒z gereken a┼č─▒lar─▒ s├Âyl├╝yorlar. Ayn─▒ merkezler bu zorunlu a┼č─▒lar─▒ ├╝cretsiz olarak size yap─▒yor. Ayr─▒ca orada hastal─▒k kapmaman─▒z i├žin g├╝zel ├Âneriler veriyorlar. Ben G├╝ney Amerika i├žin zorunlu olan Sar─▒humma a┼č─▒s─▒n─▒ burada yapt─▒rd─▒m. Ayr─▒ca kamp yapaca─č─▒m i├žin tifo a┼č─▒s─▒ da yapmay─▒ uygun g├Ârd├╝ler. Bunun d─▒┼č─▒nda s─▒tma i├žin de yine ├╝cretsiz iki kutu ila├ž verdiler. S─▒tman─▒n a┼č─▒s─▒ bulunmuyor. Sadece Amazonlar gibi risk b├Âlgesine girmeden birka├ž g├╝n ├Ânce bu ilac─▒ kullanmaya ba┼člaman─▒z ve b├Âlgeden ├ž─▒kana kadar devam etmeniz laz─▒m.

Zorunlu a┼č─▒lar d─▒┼č─▒nda ben kendim i├žin de ekstradan sa─čl─▒k oca─č─▒nda a┼č─▒ oldum.

─░┼čte a┼č─▒ ve ila├ž listem:


  1. Sar─▒humma
  2. Tetanoz ve difteri
  3. Hepatit A ve B
  4. Tifo


  1. A─čr─▒ kesici
  2. Grip ilac─▒
  3. B12 ve kar─▒┼č─▒k vitamin ilac─▒ (Vejetaryan oldu─čum i├žin B12’yi ekstradan ald─▒m)
  4. Pi┼čik kremi
  5. Antibiyotik krem
  6. Antibiyotik ila├ž
  7. Yan─▒k kremi
  8. Sistit ilac─▒
  9. Mantar kremi (Yine ortak tuvalet sorunsal─▒ndan dolay─▒ bulundurulmas─▒ gerekti─čini d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorum)
  10. B├Âcek sokmalar─▒ i├žin krem
  11. Pastil
  12. S─▒tma ilac─▒

Neredeyse bitti! Sanat malzemeleri ki┼čisel bir ┼čey. Ben hem ya─čl─▒boya hem de karakalem ├žizimler yap─▒yorum. Tabii ki yolda ya─čl─▒boya yapamayaca─č─▒m. Fakat g├╝nl├╝k tutar gibi ├žizimlerime devam etmek istiyorum. Yola devam etmem i├žin ├žizim satmam da gerekebilir. Bu y├╝zden yan─▒ma kalem ve ├žizim defterlerimi al─▒yorum.

Ayr─▒ca yan─▒ma makrome ip ve nazar boncu─ču al─▒yorum. Bunlardan bileklik yaparak hippi gibi yollarda satmaya ├žal─▒┼čaca─č─▒m. Paran─▒n nereden gelece─či belli olmaz Ôś║´ŞĆ Yine hediyelik olarak da nazar boncu─ču ald─▒m. B├Âylece beni evinde a─č─▒rlayan veya yeni edindi─čim arkada┼člar─▒ma bir t├╝rk k─▒z─▒na has bir hediye verebilirim.
Kozmetik, banyo malzemeleri, ila├žlar ve pusula, fener gibi k├╝├ž├╝k kamp malzemelerini ay─▒rmak i├žin kilitli po┼čet kulland─▒m. Ayr─▒ca i├ž ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒m i├žin k├╝├ž├╝k bir hur├ž kulland─▒m. T├╝m k─▒yafetlerimi de daha az yer kaplamalar─▒ i├žin rulo yapt─▒m, katlamad─▒m.

Di─čer yandan kendime ├žama┼č─▒r filesi ald─▒m. B├Âylece filenin i├žinde kirli ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒m─▒ biriktirece─čim. Hem de hostel gibi yerlerde ├žama┼č─▒r sepeti bulamayaca─č─▒m i├žin makinadan ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒m─▒ almam kolay olacak. Bazen de s─▒ra beklemek yerine kendi kirlilerimi ba┼čkalar─▒n─▒n ├žama┼č─▒rlar─▒yla y─▒kamam gerekebilir. File sayesinde k─▒yafetlerimi ay─▒rmam basitle┼čecek.

Telefonum, powerbank’im ve k├╝├ž├╝k aksiyon kameram d─▒┼č─▒nda yan─▒ma laptop gibi b├╝y├╝k elektronik alet alm─▒yorum. B├Âylece a─č─▒rl─▒klar─▒ konusunda dertlenmeme gerek yok Ôś║´ŞĆ

Minik bir fizik kural─▒yla yaz─▒n─▒n sonuna yakla┼č─▒yoruz. Malzemeleri yerle┼čtirirken en alta hafifleri en a─č─▒rlar─▒ da yukar─▒ koydum. B├Âylece alt k─▒s─▒mda a─č─▒rl─▒k beni a┼ča─č─▒ya ├žekmiyor ve dengeli bir ┼čekilde y├╝r├╝yebiliyorum. ├çad─▒r, uyku tulumu ve mat─▒m da ├žantam─▒n d─▒┼č─▒nda sa─č, sol ve alt ku┼čaklara yerle┼čtirildi. ├çantam─▒n toplam kilosu 15! ­čśî

Bu yaz─▒m uzun oldu biliyorum ama yola ├ž─▒kmaya karar verirsen bu yazd─▒klar─▒m─▒n hepsinin gerekli oldu─čunu g├Âreceksin. Hem sana benim gibi ac─▒ ├žekme diye yard─▒m etmeye ├žal─▒┼č─▒yorum ­čśü Bu etab─▒ kolayca atlat─▒rsan geriye gezerken e─členmesi kal─▒yor, k─▒ps ­čśë


  1. Merhaba Hazal

    Makalelerini dikkatle okuyorum ve ger├žekten ├žok te┼čekk├╝r ederim bilgilendirici oluyor yak─▒n zaman da bende d├╝nya turuna ├ž─▒kacam umar─▒m bir g├╝n bir yerler de kar┼č─▒la┼č─▒r─▒z ­čśŐ

    Kendime not: 24.05.2017 saat 05:19 hayati ├Ânem ta┼č─▒yan bu bilgileri sak─▒n unutma efe


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